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All About Shovels
If you are not already sold on a Bushpro shovel, here are some things to look for so you can be an informed buyer.

Thickness of the Steel
Most shovels are only 2 or 2.5mm thick and this seriously compromises their strength and how fast they wear. Our shovels are 3mm thick for additional strength. This does not add weight to the shovel though, we then saved weight by reducing the length of the socket. End result is a blade that is very strong but the same weight as other designs.

Any tree planting shovel should be heat treated to increase strength. All Bushpro shovels are heat treated to Rockwell C 38-45.

Starting in 2015 Bushpro stainless steel shovels with come with a Grade A North American hickory wood shaft. Excellent strength and with the natural vibration absorbing properties that wood provides.

Regular D handles are simply not made to stand up to tree planting. Bushpro has developed our own which is 1.5mm thicker on the sides. This adds very little weight and lots of strength. Bright colors are used for our handles making them highly visible. If you have planted before surely you have misplaced your shovel, hi-visibility helps.

Crank & Offset
Bushpro's stainless steel and carbon steel shovels have what has been found to be the optimal amount of crank and offset. This is the angle and curve of the socket directly above the kick plates. A slight angle allows easier opening of the hole.

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